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How are genital and skin warts transmitted?

Genital and skin warts are transmitted through sexual contact. Both heterosexual and homosexual couples face similar risks when it comes to genital warts.

Liberalisation in terms of alternating sexual partners as well as various practices during sexual contacts and the frequent movement of human populations increase the possibilities of genital warts’ transmission.

The minimum amount of viral load required to cause the infection is not known.

The possibility of tramsmission from one partner to the other varies and can be categorised as shown below, based on probabilities from the most to the least frequent cause:

  • sexual intercourse, vaginal or anal without condom
  • sexual intercourse, vaginal or anal with condom
  • sexual intercourse,  without penetration, such as between women
  • oro-genital contact
  • vigorous rubbing of the genital area and around with infected objects (sex toys) or infected fingers
  • transmission of laryngeal papillomatosis or genital warts to the baby from an infected mother with genital warts during pregnancy